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Forging meaningful relationships, whether they be romantic or platonic, with others.

What are the benefits of 
Social Connections?

  • Above-average levels of happiness

  • Lower levels of depression and anxiety

  • Higher resiliency across stressful events and environments

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Better immune response

  • Decreased levels of stress hormones

  • Diminished pain

  • Sharper memory

Happy Family

Some tips for Social Connections:

  • Not everyone has one person to confide in. You can foster different relationships for various kinds of support.

  • If you’re there for others, they more than likely will be there for you. Use Random Acts of Kindness and Gratitude Lettersto open doors.

  • Digital devices help keep us in touch with people across the country. Remember that face-to-face communication is often the best!

  • It takes time to nurture new relationships. They don’t happen overnight.

  • If you’re anxious about interacting with others, consider talking with a therapist. Find someone with specialized social skills training.

  • Attend some community events to make new connections. Here is the community calendar: 

What are some tools for Social Connections?

Explore the Other Pillars

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Our goal is to help you:

  • Cope with Stress

  • Promote a Positive Outlook

  • Build Resiliency

  • Shift Your Mindset


We’ve included examples from each of our 5 pillars of wellness.

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